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Over the past quarter-century, global society has enjoyed unprecedented advancements in science, technology, and social connectivity. This progress, however, has brought with it a new era of public debate, intellectual confrontation and political polarization.

The university is in the crosshairs of this tension. To be sure, institutions of higher education have played a leading role in shaping society’s knowledge about technology, culture, politics and globalization. At the same time, they have increasingly become the object of critique as to how they themselves navigate the digital age: academic freedom, global mobility, diversity and equity are some of the issues at stake.

On November 11, 2019, NYU Tel Aviv will host an international symposium that will bring together scholars, educators, administrators, students, alumni, and others from Israel, the region and across NYU’s global network in order to share knowledge about and frame new questions for understanding some of the most fundamental challenges facing higher education today. 

This event is made possible by the support of the Global Research Initiative, Office of the Provost, NYU.

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international higher EDUCATION IN THE Digital Age

challenges and opportunities

8:30 AM
9:30 AM
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Registration, Coffee and Greetings
Session I
Contested Knowledge in the Global Classroom read more
Session II
The State of Identity in International Higher Education read more
Plenary Session
Featuring NYU President Andy Hamilton read more
Session IV
Stretching the Boundaries of Global Research read more
Session IV
Innovating Higher Education read more
Wine and Cheese Reception
Hosted by NYU Steinhardt
target groups
The field of international higher education provides a unique case study from which to investigate the renewed concerns of the university in the digital age; the additional layers of both knowledge and identity effectively multiply the reaches of debate -- whether of an intellectual, interpersonal or political nature. Ultimately, this symposium seeks to catalyze forward-thinking working groups around cross-cutting issues shared by global stakeholders in international higher education.

The multi-disciplinary themes of the symposium will be of interest to scholars and professionals across various domains:

  • Faculty and professional staff in study abroad or other international higher education programs.

  • Scholars, researchers, and advocates in global education and higher education policy.

  • Philanthropists, NGOs, and non-profits with a stake in international higher education.

  • Entrepreneurs and innovators in the educational sector.

  • Policymakers and diplomatic corps members specializing in higher education.

  • Students in and alumni of international higher education programs.

  • Employers, recruiters, and internship providers interested in alumni employability.

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